The Best Lifestyle Creep (According to Reddit Fatfire)

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When saving and investing for financial independence, many people try to avoid lifestyle creep, also known as lifestyle inflation. As ...

certified financial therapist

Financial Therapy for High Income and High Net Worth Couples

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Financial therapy is a multidisciplinary approach that combines financial planning with emotional support to address and improve an individual’s, couple’s, ...

Ben Meer – Life Hacks I Know at 30 I Wish I Knew at 20

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Ben Meer published a list of 30 life hacks he knows at 30 he wished he knew at 30. Some ...

3 Big Wins For High Income Earners: Taxes, Expense Ratios, Time

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Unlike lower income earners, high income earners don’t need to worry so much about the 3 largest spending categories of ...

HENRY - High Earning, Not Rich Yet

HENRY – High Earners, Not Rich Yet

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What is a HENRY? A HENRY is someone who is “High Earning, Not Rich Yet.” These can be doctors paying ...

Best Credit Cards 2023 for High-Net-Worth & High Income

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For HENRYs (High Earnings, Not Rich Yet) and high-net-worth individuals (investable assets over $2 million), credit cards can be extremely ...

FatFIRE Reddit – Wealth & FI Discussion Forum

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What is the Reddit FatFIRE? Fat FIRE is a financial independence, retire early (FIRE) subreddit for wealthy individuals and families. ...

High Net Worth – Wealth, 1 Percenters, & The Rich

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What is high net worth? When it comes to the world of wealth and finance, terms like “high net worth” ...

Advanced Personal Finance for HENRY & High Net Worth

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If you: You might be ready for advanced personal finance. You’ve graduated beyond the generic milquetoast advice of the Forbes, ...