Advanced Personal Finance for HENRY & High Net Worth

Ultra High

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If you:

  • Max out your IRA and 401k contributions annually
  • Paid off your student loans
  • Make too much money to qualify for a Roth IRA
  • Earn 6 or 7 figures per year
  • Pay 6 or 7 figures a year in taxes
  • Have a $100,000+ net worth in your 20s or 30s
  • Mastered the fundamentals of personal finance (spend less than you earn, invest early and often, etc)
  • Or find yourself asking, “ok, what’s next?” when it comes to money…

You might be ready for advanced personal finance.

You’ve graduated beyond the generic milquetoast advice of the Forbes, NerdWallets, and Fortune magazines and websites.

You don’t need to worry about clipping coupons or saving a few bucks by finding cheaper gas. Cutting subscriptions does not move the needle for you.

For you, saving money is no longer an issue. In fact, you might have over saved.

This is a great problem to have! But no one wants to hear about your “rich people problems!”

That’s where Ultra High comes in.

Ultra High’s mission is enabling high-income and high-net-worth individuals and families to lead fulfilling lives and do the most good in the world.

This site is the site I wish I had found when my income started increasing. When my net worth started increasing.

Ultra High is the letter to my younger self on wealth, status, purpose, values, and goals. How to navigate the weird and wonderful world of wealth.

It’s hard to talk about money with anyone. Add in the jealousy and weirdness that income disparity can introduce and it becomes even harder.

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