Ultra High was founded in 2023 to to help high income and high-net-worth individuals and families live the most fulfilling lives and do the most good in the world.

High income earners and high-net-worth people have a unique opportunity. The wealthy or soon to be wealthy have access to a tremendous amount of resources: time, energy, money, people, or political power.

By ensuring that these individuals and families don’t squander their resources, we can make the world a safer, healthier, happier, and overall better place for everyone to live in.

A 1% change in the spending or investing habits of the world’s wealthiest people can have a profound impact on the environment, culture, and global politics.

Ultra High’s mission is to empower individuals and families with high earnings and significant net worth to lead enriched lives and make meaningful contributions to society.

Rich People Problems

Families and individuals with incomes over $250,000 or net worth over $1,000,000 often have questions about their finances.

Just because you were lucky or smart enough to earn a high income or save a lot of money does mean you are good with money!

Often, when these people ask these question in public, they are derided as having “rich people problems.” But they are still problems none the less! And without a trusted peer group to ask the questions, these high earners and high-net-worth individuals can feel lonely, confused, and anxious.

They may make costly mistakes, which, when we’re talking about millions of dollars, can be very expensive mistakes.

Ultra High is here to have that conversation and ask the questions that get to the heart of rich people problems.